Clean Fill Certification Form

Visual Inspection Report

Sample Instrument of Declarations and Covenants

The sample legal Instrument for the Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants has been posted to the DEP website.  Please follow the link to access the new form for Post Construction Stormwater Management systems. This form should be used by permittees when filing instruments and plans/record drawings with the recorder of deeds offices so that the recorder knows what to do with the instruments and how to file them.  Please note that applicants are instructed to attach certain items to the filing form for filing such as the instrument, record drawings, and other pertinent information.  Please note that there is no requirement for the district or DEP to check these forms before submission, they are strictly to ease and standardize the filing process at the recorder of deeds level.  The Recorder of Deeds Association will be passing along information to all of their constituents informing them of the form and its use concurrently.

Depending on your site, other agreements or instrument filings may be required. Examples are listed below.

O&M Deed Restriction for Buffers

PCSM Filing Notice

The DEP has recently made revisions to the Notice of Termination Forms.  The NOT FAQ Sheet dated 9/18/2020 will assist in preparing the NOT form: NOT FAQ dated September 18, 2020

The 9/2020 revised forms and instructions may be found by accessing the DEP E&S Resources page (Notice of Termination) following these links:  Notice of Termination Instructions  and  Notice of Termination Form

After October 1, 2020 please do not submit Notice of Termination Forms that have revision dates prior to 9/2020.

NPDES Transferee & Instructions

2019 PAG 02 NPDES Co Permittee Form & Instructions

 2019 NPDES Co Permittee Release of Liability Form

Sample Landowner Notification of PCSM O&M

Incomplete / Technically Deficient Extension Request Application Form & Policy

Corrective Action Plan Guidance

Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) can be utilized when there is an unforeseen failure within a stormwater management system prior to the termination of an NPDES permit. Examples of this type of failure could include a lack of infiltration within a basin or raingarden. CAPs can also be developed if a project’s earth disturbance becomes larger than one acre without first obtaining an NPDES permit, and subsequently must comply with Chapter 102 regulations through an enforcement action. If you believe that you may need to develop a Corrective Action Plan for your site, please contact the BCCD office and make an appointment with the appropriate E&S Technician immediately.

Managed Release Concept Design Template (MRC)

2019 PAG 02 & Individual Permit FAQ -  The FAQ for PAG-02 and Individual Permits is available on DEP’s website (, select E&S Resources). This document will change over time.


Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

Disturbed Acre Fee Guidance

Site Stabilization Guidelines

BCCD Standard Notes

NPDES Major Vs Minor Amendment FAQ Please be aware that the BCCD now charges fees for the review of  both Minor Amendments and Major Amendments. Please, see page 2 of the BCCD General Information Form/E&S Application for details.

Alternative Best Management Practices and Managed Release Concept

The PA DEP E Library contains all of the documents that we try to provide here on the BCCD website. We encourage applicants to explore the PA DEP resource and download documents directly from the E Library.

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